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End of Season Trust Newsletter

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Yesterday would have been our club’s last match of the season; but for the reasons we all know, and which are far more important than football, it wasn’t to be.

If ever there was a season the supporters wanted to see played out to the end, it was this one. 2019/20 has seen our finest league performance in over half a century. We have finished top of the National League and have been top since November. Not only that, we have played football with style and passion. A perfect storm indeed.

The Bluebirds Trust, and I believe all our supporters, would like to pay tribute to Ian Evatt, his management team and all the players for providing us with a wonderful season, wonderful football and wonderful memories.
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The season has now been cut short for considerations of health, public safety and practicality. We don’t know what will happen next for football – that will be decided off the field. But, whatever happens, our players have been winners on the field.

There are difficult decisions ahead regarding next season. Our own view is that these decisions should be driven by performance in the matches that actually took place – as would have been the case had the season run its full course. We can understand and respect that other clubs, in other circumstances, will take a different view.

Whatever decisions are reached there will be winners and losers. Naturally we hope that our Club will be amongst the winners, as we have been throughout the season on the pitch. Whatever the outcome, we will stick together and show our class on and off the pitch.

Amongst all this uncertainty, two things are certain. First, 2019/ 20 has been brilliant and unforgettable. Secondly, in whichever league we play next season we will be there, home and away, roaring on Barrow AFC, our club.


With the season finished, we want to celebrate is our Bluebirds Trust Player of the Year. It won’t be an easy decision after such a brilliant campaign!
Trust members will be able to vote online by clicking the following link

https://s.surveyplanet.com/84KewW-5Q?f ... SkFjb2XTgI


What can we say about the online raffle? Four thousand tickets sold yesterday, and an incredible prize pot. Any profit we make, over our baseline, goes to purchasing shares in our club and developing and growing. You have reached the target set, an incredible achievement for YOU, incredible supporters. And we won’t be stopping. Russ’ Cyber Raffle will continue into the summer, please keep supporting us and our club. https://www.bluebirdstrust.co.uk/produc ... time-draw/
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A lot of thanks are due for this amazing season. As well as the staff and players, those who work behind the scenes deserve a huge thanks, in the office and out in our community. They have stepped up brilliantly this year. The club directors, including our own, have worked tirelessly behind the scenes- we simply wouldn’t be where we are now, without their leadership and support. Holker Street has seen more development and improvement than in decades. If ever there was a symbol of that, it is the fact that a roof on the Holker End is currently being manufactured. They’ve backed the club on and off the pitch to the hilt.

I’d like to take a moment to also thank the Trust Board and all our fund raisers and volunteers. It has been a very successful and incredibly busy season! Hard work has really paid off, from boardroom to raffle! Also, the incredible maintenance volunteers have played a huge part again, throughout the season.

Most of all, I’d like to thank YOU. Trust members and everyone in the wider support. You have made all this possible with your support of your club. As a team, as a club, as a support and as a town it has been an incredible season. And when Barrow Soccer returns to Holker Street- what a party we shall have!

All Bluebirds Are Blue


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