Trust Newsletter and POTY Result

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Trust Newsletter and POTY Result

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With the votes now in, we are delighted to announce that John Rooney is the Bluebirds Trust Player of the Season for 2019-2020, as voted for by you, the members.

In a season where we have finished in our highest position for nearly fifty years and are top of the National League, John had some fierce competition from a brilliant team that played wonderful, attacking football. From Joel Dixon’s tremendous season between the sticks to Matt Platt’s transformation of our defensive record. The vitality and energy of Josh Kay and our striking talisman, the peerless National League top scorer, Scott Quigley. In fact you could go through the whole team and any one of them would have been worthy winners in any season. All received well deserved votes and praise. We have been blessed.

But this season was very special and so were John Rooney’s performances. He scored more goals than most National League strikers and what goals they were! Not stopping there, he made the creative heart of the team tick and had the lungs and heart to outlast lesser opposition, time after time. When he played well, which was nearly always, we were irresistible.
We are hoping to have a local craftsman make something different and unique to present when we can to John. In this table topping season, I’m sure all agree it’s no more than he deserves. Hopefully in the not too distant future we will have the pleasure of seeing you receive the award John, congratulations and thanks from us all.


Turning to another Barrow legend, as you may know by now, Marko Van Boydio has donated his Trophy 2010 shirt and medal to be raffled by the Bluebirds Trust. The money raised, of course, goes to contribute to our football club that we own part of. Skip said it best in his own words:
“Seeing the club doing so well again is brilliant to see and I really hope they get their place in the Football League because they really do deserve it. If my strip and medal can bring just a small contribution to the club I enjoyed playing for the most in my career then I’m more than happy to help. The future is bright for Barrow, all Bluebirds are blue.”

Tickets for the online raffle can be purchased on the Bluebirds Trust website by clicking here: ... o-ffiOy00Q


We’ve had some really great questions from members, especially on the forum and we like to keep you as up to date as we possibly can. So we thought we’d summarise the main points here, so everyone would get the opportunity to get the same information.

Some substantial money being raised by this raffle and I’ve heard people that aren’t even interested in Barrow footy talking about how they do it every week. Fantastic idea whoever thought of it, imagine if we could push the lottery we do at the same pace as this link on the raffle to enter that as well when its back open could be a massive money earner for the trust, what will the large excess be used for then to cover next year’s 10% or put into a project?

Firstly, thank you all! It’s you that have made the raffle such a success. I genuinely can’t remember who thought of it (well done that person!) but I will say that organisationally Richard Ingham and Frazer Stewart deserve all credit, it simply wouldn’t happen without them- and of course Russ! There’s a small team of us that work on it on Saturdays at the moment and its brilliant how it’s caught on. Please don’t forget to take part. Next Saturday we are reliving 1990. Can we beat Saturday’s incredible sales total?

The second part of the question is linked to manpower and trying to ‘time’ fundraising properly and fairly. We would agree that the weekly lottery does need pushing much more, but with a limited number of hands to do so, and other schemes like the Raffle, 1901 Club (which will return later in the summer) ongoing, it needs to be done at the correct time of year and marketed in the right way to get beyond "the soccer and its support" and out to a much wider audience in the town and community beyond.

For the final point, excess from any funding, will all go to be saved and used in the future to maintain our 10% stake in Barrow AFC. That’s how we operate, the same as the other owners, we simply get to put the majority of our money in ‘last’ so we can raise it.

We have very good communication with the board, both via our director Levi Gill and generally on a variety of topics.
Paul Hornby keeps a careful record of expenditure so everyone knows where they are, including Levi, as the season unfolds. This is communicated at Trust meetings, which anyone was welcome to attend and will be again when restrictions allow.

We are due to pay the last section of funding for shares in season 2019-20 in in the next fortnight.
There’s then a share agreement signed for the exact money and a share certificate is issued to us. It means as a supporters trust, on your behalf, we can buy shares and operate that way and for the club as a whole it means we raise equity rather than debt.

Would be great if we could Target something to aim for.
1. Helping out the club under the current climate
2. Maintain our 10% share
3. Ground improvements/development
4. A new project

It would be and certainly we will be trying to give the 1901 this focus this year when we launch in a few months. It’s not always possible though- because much of the money for ‘projects’ comes from Football Foundation grants etc. Put simply, we won’t have a major project every year to aim at and everyone’s financial input has to be more flexible than that to run the club and adapt as the season progresses.

That said, having spoken with Paul Hornby on this subject this week, it is very likely that the 1901 fund raising will be focused on the iconic return of a roof on the Holker End. Although we got a grant for much of the cost we still have money as a board to put in there. Remember, our 1901 money is also part of that 10% share investment. Like last year, we will pay that amount in around September 2020.

I know the target has been reached and I'm guessing money made now is just adding to the coffers… Is this not being totalled up anymore might be nice to see it going up.
We have removed the totaliser as the £65,000 target for Play Your Part has been successfully completed.
It is a visual representation which doesn’t give a fully accurate figure as it doesn’t take into account charges. What it does give us is a figure to aim at.

You have, however, smashed the target! All the PYP income, donations and raffles to this point (since we started PYP) have reached almost £80,000 (GROSS figure - so before expenses like fees for Stripe, Paypal, postage for those out of the area, printing of certificates, production of the badges, the wall display for the Holker St End and other benefits etc). We shop around for best value. There will be ‘extra’ over what we pay in for 19-20. That will go to the club in the next cycle.

This is the same as any organisation really. We have to use online, it has transformed how much we can raise, despite the charges. We use Stripe the most as its relatively cheap however if anyone is putting a particularly large amount in you are always welcome to contact us and pay by bank transfer, putting a clear reference.


What we have achieved as a support is immense but we are not ashamed to bang the drum once again and ask for more people to come forward and help us out and actively get involved in growing the Trust and in turn the club into a proper vibrant community- focused business.

WE are a board of 12 volunteers, with a reasonably good mix of ideas, skills and experience, time and energy with a small group of regular but vital helpers who keep us ticking over; but there is a limit to what we can achieve.

WE are also, as a Trust Membership, 600+ and growing, with a much wider mix of skills that we really need to take advantage of.

Raising the amount of money we do is beyond our dreams but is vital in keeping our 10% share of the club. To continue to do this we need to be moving away from the Share Contribution model and tapping into the increased levels of interest we as a club and Supporters Trust have enjoyed this season in a much more diverse and creative way than we have managed up to now. Examples being the increased success of the 1901 and the raffle.

Longer term, this is what will make the relationship stronger and more sustainable.

For example, there must be among our membership, individuals who have much more social media nous and knack than we as a board collective have? How can we improve our posts to reach a wider audience and get a greater "buy in" from those who view such posts?

Any budding journos out there who can help us write content for the website and improve it from the functionable, message led stuff we post currently to the more readable; which is going to make people stay on the site and look around and find the stuff we really want them to find (raffles, membership etc)?

Speaking of which, anyone there with SEO skills that will help us be found more easily by people searching for us? We don’t really want to give the work to the bots in India and China that email us constantly.

And there is another opportunity - basic admin like checking emails and other routine tasks.

There is so much people can help us with, both Barrow based and beyond.

While we really do value your financial contributions, your time and skills are hugely appreciated

We are all in this together.

Thank you so much for your continuing incredible support.

All Bluebirds are Blue


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Re: Trust Newsletter and POTY Result

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Top feedback Steve

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Re: Trust Newsletter and POTY Result

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Trust Player of the Year Numbers

There were 194 verified votes (non members and those who could not be identified as members were removed).

1. John Rooney 73 Votes 37.6%

2. Scott Quigley 52 Votes 26.8%

3. Matt Platt 40 Votes 20.6%

4. Joel Dixon 16 Votes 8.2%

Diro Angus led the rest with 3 votes.

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Re: Trust Newsletter and POTY Result

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Any of those or indeed the entire team would have been worthy winners and a shame it had to be just one but on balance I think Rooney has won on entertainment value alone with those teeth. Brilliant in more ways than one. :D

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