solihull v barrow matchthread

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Re: solihull v barrow matchthread

Post by CH BAFC »

Hopefully the lads get rested up and ready for Saturday, sounded knackering out there today, good point considering how they play. 5 points clear, cant complain eh lads 💙

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Re: solihull v barrow matchthread

Post by Tommylad »

Middleton Nick wrote:
Tue Jan 28, 2020 10:32 pm
Alleged att 892. :o

No way was there 900 there. 5/600 tops

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Re: solihull v barrow matchthread

Post by barrowfan »

Why would they do that as Steve Leonard said recently it costs the club money?

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Re: solihull v barrow matchthread

Post by saltcellar »

Another good point tonight.
Barrow now have 6 of the next 9 league games at home.
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Re: solihull v barrow matchthread

Post by Scott »

Not a classic but a good point. Should have been 2 or 3 up in the first half with good chances for Angus and Brown from close and a Rooney shot being saved. Solihull had couple of chances themselves but we were in control then lost our way a bit and let them back in but ended the half stronger. Second half was fairly uneventful too many loose passes, poor touches and almost played ourself into trouble on a couple of occasions at the back but got away with it. Big let off when Platt slipped and the Solihull player seemed to have an open goal but wanted extra touches and I think it was Brough managed to block it. Similar game to the FA cup game against them they’re very direct and threw Danny Wright on second half whose first involvement was to clatter Brough. They’re difficult to beat and sat very deep at times and we lacked the quality to break them down. 2 first half chances for Angus and Brown should have been goals but not a bad point. Maybe an addition or two is needed now to keep players on their toes and fresh, particularly upfront. On that showing and against Atherton, jack Hindle isn’t up to it nowhere near what he showed last season.

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Re: solihull v barrow matchthread

Post by barrowaberdeen »

We weren't great but point was. On.

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Re: solihull v barrow matchthread

Post by Alley_Cat »

DaveBarter wrote:
Tue Jan 28, 2020 9:27 pm
prague bluebird wrote:
Tue Jan 28, 2020 9:25 pm
I hope this is not the start of a purple patch. We need wins now not draws.
A purple patch is a good thing.
Totally agree, i do think this is our 'blip in form', so far, our bad form has put us two points further ahead 2nd place :scarf:

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Re: solihull v barrow matchthread

Post by mickycarrol »

We looked sluggish last night but can’t grumble after the season we are having.

Angus converts his point blank effort after 2 minutes and it’s a different game straight away but can’t win em all.

Another point further ahead but Sat is must win we can’t keep drawing if we have title aspirations.

Long drive that on a Tues night as well haha!!!
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Re: solihull v barrow matchthread

Post by BAFC_98 »

Point was good enough. Squads will look tired at points within a season it happens. Weren't at our best but not as bad as people are making it out. Additional players are not essential. 5 clear with a game in hand. We will win Saturday. We will win this league.

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Re: solihull v barrow matchthread

Post by Cubbins Paratrooper »

Was unable to attend the game last night though invariably, for all sorts of reasons, the vast majority of teams do exhibit dips in form or performance during a season. On Saturday, we played a very good side at Borehamwood and came away with a point. Last night, we came away with a point from a well-placed Solihull team and extended our lead at the top to 5 points (with a game in hand). If these are the returns being delivered during one of the aforementioned 'dips', as a supporter, my cup still runneth over.

Let's see what happens on Saturday v Torquay. Hopefully, we witness a better refereeing performance from the man in the middle than the one we saw at Plainmoor in the away game and we can get back to winning ways.

As for the Trophy, as much as it pains me to think this way, promotion back to the FL is the absolute Holy Grail and this season, said cup competition has to be secondary. I will though be at Barnet* (attendance 223 last night, by the way) to get behind the Barrow team that IE decides, in his wisdom, to put out.

*Not exactly difficult living in NW London.

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Re: solihull v barrow matchthread

Post by chipmunx »

the Barnet crowd was corrected to 333 from 223
Bring it on!!!

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Re: solihull v barrow matchthread

Post by Desmond2-2 »

Long trip for a pretty sterile game but a points a good one there.They were well organised in midfield and defence thus preventing our normal game. Decent little ground at this level,but felt middle of industrial area, no wonder there support is thin, 900 there last night, no way. Finally those travelling to Dover on the bus next week, I salute you all👏👏👏

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Re: solihull v barrow matchthread

Post by Middleton Nick »

You wouldn't be able to muster enough for a mini bus normally for a Tues night game at Dover, but because of the giant strides we have made this season and the position we are in. there are currently 20 fans making the journey on the bus. Hope it's worth it.

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Re: solihull v barrow matchthread

Post by chris_roddie »

I too am surprised by the attendance figure of 892. There hardly seemed anyone there other than BAFC fans!

Agree with other comments that we did start to look tired in the second half, coupled with Solihull closing down very quickly not giving Barrow the time to settle, but to our credit, particularly in the first half, we still tried to play the passing game rather than route one. Definitely couldn't fault the commitment from the players who didn't stop running, and the crunching last ditch tackle from Platt near the end saved a certain goal

Also, the pitch looked narrow which was probably a tactic from them to tighten us up and not allow us to play the open game which has led to much success this season.

Can't forget where Solihull are in the league and was always going to be a tough game, particularly in the freezing temperatures.

Six points against Torquay and Dover, and this won't matter.

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Re: solihull v barrow matchthread

Post by kikka »

I don't know how the finances are , or how much the current lapse in 'drive' has been affected by ill health or niggling injuries within the squad - but , if it was possible it might be worth trying to bring in a couple of quality loans before long just to ensure that we can maintain our results sequence through to the end of the season without having to place too much stress or reliance on the current group of players - who , so far , have done splendidly. It would be a pity to miss out through 'exhaustion' rather than skill.

This is in no way intended as a criticism - it is merely a suggestion ( which I fully understand may not be possible ) :skill:
First match : Barrow v Northampton Town : Sat. 24th Sept. 1960 ... won 1-0... ( which was nice )

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