Trust Travel Code of Conduct UPDATED

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Trust Travel Code of Conduct UPDATED

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Trust Travel Code of Conduct

To assist with the running of the buses and the enjoyment of all travellers, it has become necessary to implement some rules for the benefit of all travellers. Please help us keep the buses running by adhering to some basic rules.

1. The organiser(s) on your bus will make themselves known to you at the start of the journey. They will decide when the bus stops, where it stops and what time the bus leaves the away venue. Anyone not at the bus by the time of departure may be left behind, please don't put us in that position.

2. When on the coach, as much as possible please try and stay seated; this for safety reasons, should the bus brake suddenly or experience a malfunction this reduces the chance of injury to you and others.

3. Please respect your organiser(s), your driver(s) and other passengers. We all go to away games to follow our team, and a little respect will make the journeys more pleasurable for all involved.

4. When in or around away grounds please drink responsibly. We don't expect people to not drink at away games, far from it however drink in moderation.

5. The organiser(s) on your bus is responsible for the cleanliness of the bus when it arrives back in Barrow. Please help these lads and lasses by using the refuse sacks provided. Please take any open bottles of liquid with you, as these should not be disposed of on the coach.

The organiser on your bus is empowered to implement these rules, and is within their own rights to refuse carriage to anyone they deem unfit to travel at any point of the journey.

Anybody found to be in breach of the above rules; through, but not limited to:
- Abusive Behaviour
- Disruptive Behaviour
- Being unfit through drink or substance abuse

Will be subject to sanction

Any sanctions will be decided by the Bluebirds Trust Board and may include; a written warning, a Trust Travel ban for a duration deemed necessary up to and including a life ban.

By travelling with Trust Travel you hereby accept these rules and agree to abide by them.
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