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Barrow vs Chorley match thread

A forum for previous match threads.
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Re: Barrow vs Chorley match thread

Post by Barrowabc »

This 100% for me, ^^^
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Re: Barrow vs Chorley match thread

Post by Baxterj732 »

Ian wouldn't of signed him and wouldn't continue selecting him if Byron wasn't doing his job, yes I'm sure Ian wants him to score goals and obviously the Byron of old was a machine, however lack of confidence, his injuries have taken there toll and he's a different player now than he was back in the day, IE has a plan and it's worked wonders so far
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Re: Barrow vs Chorley match thread

Post by Kieran »

olbarrafancumbak wrote:
Sat Nov 30, 2019 8:21 am

Problem he has within this team is the style of play, the passing, moving and patience.
Byron is a player who imo is best when he is playing off the shoulders of defenders with balls being played for him to run on to. His touch is a bit heavy for the passing and holding game and I would be working with Byron on this if I was manager.
Puzzled by these comments. Harrison has never been the type of player who plays on the shoulder of the last defender, that's not how he scored his goals for us under Cox. Also, his touch was and is one of his biggest strengths, certainly not heavy.

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